How we work

We always humbly listen to the customer’s intent. We gladly accept different types of tasks – from odd, unusual and at first glance impossible ones to tasks that are, on the contrary, very simple and banal. We also try to solve cases where there is no clear intent.

Team discussion and teamwork are essential for us. Thanks to already well-tuned and years of proven cooperation, we are able to process bigger projects at the level of the building complex. Teamwork brings us satisfaction, fun and is ultimately the reason why we are doing this sometimes difficult profession.

Meet the team.

Ing. arch. Marek Veleba

Architect /CEO

Ing. arch. Anežka Milerská

Project Lead Architect

MgA. Lukáš Wagner


Ing. Pavlína Velebová

Civil engineer

Ing. arch. Martin Krůpa


Ing. arch. Zuzana Ješetová


Ing. Peter Woloszyn

Civil engineer

Arch. Sara Yamane


Ing. Vojtěch Šimčík

Civil engineer

Ing. Romana Čapková

Civil engineer

Arch. Michele Corradini


Ing. Jaroslav Hunka


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